Trans-Baikal Journey Autumn/Winter/Spring                         Tour NR-30
Trans-Baikal – travel the right direction                                                   
Krasnoyarsk – Yenisei – Lake Baikal – Tunka Valley – Buryatia– Irkutsk
13 days from €2.490.- including airfare

Moscow – Krasnoyarsk – Trans-Sib – Buryatia Tunka Valley – Arshan – Slyudyanka – Baikal Railway – Polovinnaja km110 – Port Baikal – Listvyanka on Lake Baikal – Irkutsk– Moscow

Journey Highlights
Krasnoyarsk - Father Yenisei & the unique light spectacle Kras-Lightning (December-March)
Ice fishing on the Yenisei, in the Tunka Valley or on the Baikal
Trans-Sib train ride to Lake Baikal

Buryatia Tunka Valley – Chamardaban - Sajan Mountains & Shaman Dance
Arshan & a grand mountain world with mineral springs
Zhemchug & bathing in a natural pool with 104 degree (F) water
Tunka Valley Kyren - Buddhist temple & visit to Buryat in a wooden jurt
Lake Baikal Slyudyanka & train station made of white marble
Baikal Railway Matanya - the soul of Lake Baikal
Baikal - specialties - picnic - on the frozen Polovinnaja River
Winter walk along the Baikal ring railway
Baikal Beach vacation village in Pribaikalski National Park & Siberian breakfast
Tour of the Baikal settlement of Polovinnaja
Meeting and conversing with locals
Visit to a small shop - Olga’s Kiosk
Passing through the Polovinits Tunnel, 780 meters
Port Baikal & Baikal Railway Museum
Talzy Museum - discovering the Siberia of old
Listvyanka on Lake Baikal - Baikal Museum, St. Nicholas Church, market & omul
“Bereg Baikala” beer tasting - Baikal beer brewed with pure Baikal water
Irkutsk - unique architecture & Decembrists
Irkutsk & dinner in a traditional Irkutsk wooden house
Optional programs: dog sleds, snowmobile tour (December-March), Banja trips, troika rides (with sleds or carriages)

ON=Overnight, B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner, P/L=Picnic lunch

Day 01 Travel to Siberia
Scheduled flight with Lufthansa, Aeroflot or another airline starting from European airports, incl. train to flight (the train ride to the airport) to Krasnoyarsk via Moscow. Arrival the next morning local time; time difference depends on if Europe is on summer/winter time: +6/+7 hours.

Day 02 Father Yenisei & Krasnoyarsk (B,D)
Arrival at Krasnoyarsk airport in the morning.
Transfer to Takmak Wellness Hotel next to Stolby National Park and enjoy breakfast, check-in to your comfort suite with bath, shower, restroom, safe, satellite TV, and telephone.

You can find a bar, cafe and restaurant in the beautiful, rustic hotel complex.
Enjoy the wellness area, take a tour of Stolby National Park in the afternoon through the nearby mountains and try your hand at ice fishing on the frozen branch of Father Yenisei.

In the evening, we will visit the fantastically lit ice city and Krasnoyarsk Center with its unique light spectacle (December-March). ON at the hotel.

Day 03 Krasnoyarsk & Trans-Sib (B,L)
With the city tour after breakfast, you will see one of the city’s landmarks, the small chapel - found on a 10-rubel banknote - which can be seen on the mountain from many places in the center of the city.
The chapel was built in 1845 and is an excellent vantage point from which one can find a fantastic view of the city and the Yenisei Valley. You will also visit the opera house, historic cultural museum center and the theater bearing Alexander Pushkin’s name.

Your trans-Siberian journey begins in the afternoon, starting in Krasnoyarsk and passing through the beautiful Sayan mountains. With a 2nd class Trans-Sib ride, 4 beds per sleeping compartment (compartments can be booked for two, added fee), you will reach Slyudyanka on Lake Baikal the next morning. ON in the train.

Day 04 Tunka Valley Zhemchug Buryatia & Shamans (B,D)

After breakfast in Slyudyanka, you will travel from Kultuk to Zhemchug via the Tunka Valley. On the way, there will be a stop in a restaurant with a panoramic view of Lake Baikal and a chance to eat lunch.

Stay in a comfortable guest house with a bar, restaurant and room with a bath, shower, restroom, TV and refrigerator in Zhemchug. Buryat folklore and shaman dances will accompany dinner. ON at the hotel.

Day 05 Buddhist Temple, Wooden Jurts / Winter Baths in a Natural Pool (B,L,D)
After breakfast, you can bathe in a natural pool of 104+ degree (F) water with outside temperatures of -13 degrees (F). The pool is fed by hot springs.

Travel to Kyren, the largest settlement in the Tunka Valley, in the afternoon. Visit a Buddhist temple and the locals who live in a wooden jurt. ON at the hotel.

Day 06 Arshan–Mountain World, Hot Springs & White Marble Train Station (B,D)

Travel to the health resort in Arschan to try the many hot springs. After the tour of the Arshan settlement, the journey continues through the Tunka Valley to Slyudyanka on Lake Baikal.

There you will see the world’s only train station made entirely of pure white marble, a true gem. The Slyudyanka-1 train station was built as a monument to the marvelous work of the builders of the unique Baikal Railway.

ON at the hotel on Lake Baikal in Slyudyanka.

Day 07 Travel on the Baikal Railway along Lake Baikal to Polovinnaja (B,D)
The Buryat name for Lake Baikal is “Holy Sea.” Lake Baikal is a symbol for the fascinating nature and sheer endless expanse of Russia.
Purchase supplies for the Baikal Railway train ride at the Slyudyanka train station and take the original Baikal Railway train, Matanja, to Polovinnaja at 1:20 p.m.; arrival at 4:30 p.m.

This train ride through a unique landscape along Lake Baikal will give you a look at what life in Siberia is really like. You will travel in a clean car with seats, a restroom and a smoking area.

After arriving, there is a 500 meter walk across the frozen river to your accommodations; your luggage will be transported separately.
Dinner and a chance to relax in the sauna next to the river.
ON in a room or vacation house at the vacation resort.

Day 08 Picnic on the River & Lake Baikal Walkabout (B,L,D)
Today you will get a picnic on the frozen Polovinnaja River and we will also learn to ice fish.

A hike along the Baikal Railway to the settlement of Maritui in the afternoon. Return with the Matanja train at 4:30 p.m.
Dinner and a chance to relax in the sauna next to the river.
ON in a room or vacation house in the vacation resort.

Day 09 Polovinnaja Settlement & Siberian Life (B,L,D)
Today you will take a tour of the settlement and get a real look at everyday life in Siberia during a visit to Olga’s Kiosk and with the locals. This village is a far cry from touristy villages like Listvyanka.

The day will end with a trip through the longest tunnel along the Baikal Railway, the Polovinnits Tunnel, which is more than 700 meters long, to a vantage point with a view across the lake to the bank and mountains on the other side.
Dinner and a chance to relax in the sauna next to the river.
ON in a room or vacation house in the vacation resort.

Day 10 to Port Baikal (B,L,D)
The day is yours to plan however you like; perhaps you would like to rent a snowmobile in the vacation village for a trip to the mountains (not included in travel package).
We will continue our Baikal Railway journey in the late afternoon, taking the Matanja train to Port Baikal. We will visit a small museum dedicated to the construction of the Baikal Railway in Port Baikal.

Depending on the season, we will travel from Port Baikal to Listvyanka by ferry, hovercraft or car. Check-in to your room at the Pribaikalskaja hotel resort with a bath, shower, restroom, TV, telephone and minibar. ON at the hotel.

Day 11 Listvyanka on Lake Baikal (B,D)
After breakfast we will visit the Baikal Museum where you can also marvel at the Baikal seal, followed by a tour of Listvyanka with stops at the St. Nicholas Church and the market where the famous omul fish is sold.

Included in the travel package: Try the one-of-a-kind “Bereg Baikala” Baikal beer brewed with pure Baikal water.
We also offer an optional dog sled ride.
Free time in Listvyanka, return from the market back to the hotel at 5 p.m. or individually. ON at the hotel.

Day 12 Irkutsk & Talzy Open Air Museum (B,D)
Ride to Irkutsk (70 km) with a stop at the Talzy Open Air Museum, which is located 30 km from Listvyanka. Here you can see depictions of the various time periods of Siberian history over the past centuries in an extensive collection of furnished wooden buildings.

After arriving in Irkutsk, you will be brought to the hotel. You can then visit the Decembrists Museum, which is located on the same grounds as the hotel, followed by a city tour of Irkutsk with a walk through the large market halls. Irkutsk is often referred to as Siberia’s Paris due to its cultural and diverse architecture. The Polnisch gothic cathedral, the cathedral of the Appearance of the Lord and the Church of the Saviour are sites especially worth seeing, which are a part of the city tour.

Dinner in a cozy restaurant in a traditional Irkutsk wooden house. ON at the hotel.

Day 13 Return (B)
Transfer to Irkutsk airport and return via Moscow.
No minimum number of participants

travel dates

16.12.16 – 28.12.16

22.01.17 – 03.02.17 
26.02.17 – 09.03.17 
11.03.17 – 23.03.17 
08.04.17 – 20.04.17 

22.04.17 – 04.05.17 

Included in the travel package
Scheduled flight from European airports to Krasnoyarsk via Moscow and return from Irkutsk via Moscow
Overnight accommodations in very good middle class hotels, rooms with bath, shower, restroom
Board: half board (full board in Polovinnaja-Baikal Railway)
Overnight accommodations in Polovinnaja-Baikal Railway in a double room / cottage, shower/restroom on floor, vacation house with shower, restroom can be booked for an added fee)
Krasnoyarsk train ride – Slyudyanka on Lake Baikal in a 2nd class, 4-bed sleeping compartment (compartments can be booked for two for an added fee)
Baikal Railway Slyudyanka train ride – Polovinnaja – Port Baikal in open car, seat
Site-seeing and travel programs in Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Talzy Museum, Listvyanka and sites in Tunka Valley as described
All entrance fees and transfer fees
English-speaking travel guide from Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk airport for return
North Rail Trans-Baikal - Package
Visa support - invitation for tourist visa (visa service / obtaining visa: added fee

Prices in EUR / person
3-bed room   2.490.-
Double room 2.790.-
Single room  2.990.-
Added fee 2nd class train ride with 2-person compartment 150.-
Added fee for vacation house in Polovinnaja with bath, shower, restroom for 3 persons 60.-
Added fee for vacation house in Polovinnaja with bath, shower, restroom for 2 persons 90.-
Added fee for vacation house in Polovinnaja with bath, shower, restroom for 1 person 180.-
Prices in EUR / person for optional programs
Optional programs can be booked on-site through the tour guide; we are happy to make reservations free of charge.

Dog sled tour 2 persons - 1 sled 90.-
Dog sled tour 1 person - 1 sled 180.-
Snowmobile tour 2 persons - 1 snowmobile 70.-
Snowmobile tour 1 person - 1 snowmobile 140.-

Services not included
Meals and drinks at mealtimes unless indicated, tips, personal spending, travel insurance, visa fees and other services not listed

Conditions of Entry/Participation
For this tour, you must have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months beyond the tour end date. A free double page is required for your Russian visa. Please note that you must have valid international health insurance in order to apply for a Russian visa. We will of course send you all the information and documentation necessary for the visa application, including the visa support invitation.
Health issues: No vaccinations or precautionary health measures are required for this tour.

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