Port Baikal Baikal Hotel Old Lighthouse
Station Port Baikal
room 8

The small settlement Port Baikal is the last station of the Baikal railway, which once belonged to the Trans-Siberian route and today still leads along the Baikal shore from Sludyanka to the source of the Angara. Listvjanka is on the opposite bank.

The journey to Port Baikal can be done by train from Irkutsk or initially by bus to Listvyanka and then take the ferry to Port Baikal
Listvjanka departure: 08:15, 11:00, 16:15, 18:15, 20:45 (01.07.-31.08.)
Departure Port Baikal: 07:10, 10:30, 15:30, 17:15, 20:15 (01.07.-31.08.)
Wednesdays and Saturdays 20:00 or even with private boats at any time.

The Baikal hotel Old Lighthouse is located in the historic station of Port Baikal, which was rebuilt according to old plans.
There are 50 meters to Lake Baikal, a cafe-restaurant, beer tents during the summer time and the marina, all within easy reach by foot in few minutes.

The large and comfortable double rooms and 5 bed rooms are decorated in a modern style with an almost exclusive furniture, a television, refrigerator and bath / shower and toilet. (5 bed rooms. Shower and toilet on the floor), room category comfort 30 sqm, 18 sqm standard room)

In the hotel hall on the first floor are also billiards, a TV and small kitchen with microwave, etc. to hotel guests at disposal.

The entrance to the museum is free for hotel guests.

The stay can be booked without meals only.

Rates in € per person / night without meals

 doubleroom comfort single allocation 80.-
 doubleroom comfort 40.-
 doublerrom standard single allocation 70.-
 doubleroom standard 35.-
 1 bed in 5 bed room 20.-