Circum Baikal Railway Tour 1 day € 99.-                                   Tour BR 20
Circum Baikal day tour every Thursday and Sunday 01.06.17 – 24.09.17 
with English - speaking tour guide from / to Listvjanka or Irkutsk


In tour price inclusive 

We meet you at your hotel (extra costs)
Ferry Listvyanka - Port Baikal - Listvyanka
Trip Tourist train and travel by Baikal Rrailway train Matanya
Hike along the Baikal Railway
Port Baikal & Baikal Railway Museum
Relaxing on the Lake Baikal beach
Visit settlement Polovinnaya & meeting the locals
Siberian cuisine in Polovinnaja (lunch)

Itinerary day tour Circum Baikal Railway Line
Arrival for participants coming from Irkutsk by Marschrutny taxi departure Irkutsk bus station or hotel 07:00 am, arrival station Listvjanka Baikal Museum 08:00 am. For participants coming from Listvjanka / Nikola: Meeting at the Baikal Museum at 08:00 am. Travel by ferry to Port Baikal, arrival at 08:30 am.

Tour Port Baikal with the opportunity to visit the Baikal railway museum, here you see old pictures of the construction of the Trans-Siberian route.

Departure by tourist train seatplaces at 11:00 am. Baikal Railway drive to Shumikha km 102, arrival 12:30 pm and visit of the Italian wall.

Hike along the Baikal railway to km110 station Polovinnaya (hiking 8 km). Participants, who don’t want to walk, can take the train to Polovinnaya. After arrival Polovinnaya time for lunch, Siberian Baikal specialities in the Holiday Resort Baikal-Beach.
You will have enough free time to go to the nearby Lake Baikal beach to relax and to visit the Siberian settlement Polovinnaya and meet the locals.

Departure by train “Matanya” at 16:20 pm, arrival Port Baikal at 19:00 pm. Crossing river Angara and Lake Baikal by ferry to Listvyanka at 20:15 pm, arrival 20:30 pm. (June and September: Port Baikal - Listvyanka with private boats)

For participants travelling to Irkutsk: Departure by bus from busstation Listvjanka Baikal Museum at 21:05 pm. 

Price in € / person
Day tour 99.-

every Thursday and Sunday during the period 10.05. - 27.09.

extra costs transfer from hotel Listvyanka EUR 10.-, from hotel in Irkutsk EUR 30.-

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