Buryatia Baikal tour by bus, train and boat                                        Tour BK 95
12 days from € 1.690 -. from/to Irkutsk

Welcome at Lake Baikal - Welcome in Buryatia                                

Irkutsk - Olkhon & Shaman - Ust Barguzin & Sacred places to the Buryats - Ulan Ude with Lama monastery Ivolginsk & Old Believers - Day trip Trans-Siberian - Arshan & magnificent mountains - Slyudyanka & railway station in white marble - Circum-Baikal Railway - settlement Polovinnaja & authentic Siberian life - Port Baikal - Listvyanka - Irkutsk

Travel highlights
Slyudyanka - the world's only train station of white marble
Arshan - magnificent mountains and Buryat cuisine
Circum-Baikal Railway - train ride on the original path along the Baikal shore
Settlement Polovinnaja km 110 - discover the authentic Siberian life
Settlement Polovinnaja - talks and meetings with locals
Visit a small shop - Olgas kiosk
Crossing Polovinits tunnel 780 meters
Port Baikal and Baikal Railway Museum
Listvyanka - fishing village, market & Baikal Museum
Irkutsk - Siberian city on the Angara
Olkhon - tusk, sandy coves and shamans
Ust Barguzin - visiting sacred sites of the Buryats
Ulan Ude - Ivolginsky Datsan - the most important Buddhist monastery in Russia &       Old Believers
Cruise on Lake Baikal

Buryatia is an ancient and amazing land near Lake Baikal. Look at the map: the Republic embraces the bowl of Lake Baikal with its crystal-clear drinking water, one of the main treasures in the present-day world, as if holding it gently in its hands.
Baikal occupies a special place in our history, culture, and legends.
It has long since attracted nomadic tribes, which held him sacred, and it has remained so to this day. As time flew by, the land found itself successively under the domination of Hunnu, Syanbi, Kurykan, Uighur, Kidani, Jujani and Merkit tribes. Their tile graves and rock paintings have remained a part of steppe landscapes to this day.
Genghis Khan, the founder of a great nomadic empire, also treasured the territory of the present-day Buryatia for its beautiful landscapes, healing properties of mineral springs and emanation of positive biological energy. He laid a ban (Ikh Khorig) on human interference in the nature of that land so as future generations could recreate and meditate there, and enjoy its quietude.
Buddhism, Shamanism, Old Belief and Orthodoxy coexist In Buryatia peacefully. Of great interest are the phenomenon of Dashi Dordji Etigelov, a Buryat lama, whose body has been lying for 80 years undecayed, and the culture of Trans-Baikal Old Believers – the Semeiskie community – included by the UNESCO into the World Heritage List.

Welcome in Buryatia

AC = accommodation, B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner, P = Picnic

Day 01 Irkutsk (D)
Arrival in Irkutsk by train or airplane. We pick you up and transfer to your middle-class hotel in the center of Irkutsk, room with bath / shower, toilet, safe, satellite TV, telephone.
14:00 pm meeting at the hotel and sightseeing: Irkutsk is often called the Paris of Siberia, because of its cultural and diverse architecture. Of particular interest are the Gothic cathedral Polish, the Cathedral of the Epiphany and the Redeemer Church, you will visit during your city tour.
At the end of this city tour you visit the market halls. Dinner in a "stolovaja" near the hotel. AC hotel

Day 02 Irkutsk - Olkhon (B, D)
After breakfast, bus ride to Olkhon, arrival in the afternoon directly to your holiday hotel. The management of the holiday hotels is working closely with the National Park Pribaikalskij, all trips are coordinated with the management of the national park. The hotel was built from local Siberian pine.

The main building has a fireplace, TV lounge, a lovely big restaurant with excellent traditional Russian meals (vegetarian food available) and a cozy bar
The comfortable rooms are equipped with heating for cold nights, a washbasin and a toilet at your disposal.
In the late afternoon we have a walking tour of Khuzhir. Dinner and AC hotel

Day 03 Olkhon – Cape Khoboy – Usury – Maloe More (B,P,D)
Day tour to the north of Olkhon: Sand covered Peschanoe Tract, you will see a beautiful beach, tall trees, and remains of the buildings and barracks of the fish-receiving station where prisoners have worked up to the middle of the 60s. Cape Khoboy which is the northernmost point of the island and a sacral place for shamans, from here you get the best view of the Baikal Range and the far bank of Lake Baikal, including Svyatoy nos Peninsula.

Territory of Uzuri , a wide and long valley in the northeastern part of Olkhon Island, a pebble beach, a small lake with birds; a possibility of meeting the Baikal seal. Picnic. AC hotel

Day04 Olkhon – Cape Burkhan - Shamanka Rock (B,D)
Hiking tour to the island’s trademark - Cape Burkhan and Shamanka Rock. Cape Burkhan is a sacral place for Buryat people. This is also the island’s trademark. The rock with two peaks is a palace of Olkhon Island’s owner Khan Khuute-Baabay.

The rock has an open-ended cave and old Buddhist inscriptions. This is a place where shamans and then Buddhists used to perform their rites. On the southern part of the rock there is a “picture” of a dragon-snake that was believed to be the rock’s guardian. The guide will be telling you stories about the nature, history, traditions, and culture of Olkhon Island. It will also be possible to take pictures of this unique nature monument.
The afternoon is at leisure, you can explore the village Khuzhir or spend some time relaxing in the hotel. Transfer to the pier and ride by private boat to Ust-Barguzin, arriving in the evening. The cruise about the Lake Baikal is about 4 hours. Short walk from the port to your guesthouse, dinner and AC guesthouse.

Day05 Ust-Barguzin and Bargusin-Valley (B,P,D)
Ust Barguzin is a small settlement in the Buryat Republic, founded in 1666 at Lake Baikal (Barguzin River), 270 km north-east of Ulan-Ude.
Your comfortable guest house is located in the center of Ust-Barguzin, all rooms are equipped with TV, and have a shower.
Two toilets are for common use on the corridor floor.

Today we will make a trip to the valley of the river Barguzin and visit a natural fortress and some sacred sites of the Buryats, you will see 3000 years old petroglyphs. In the afternoon walk along the beach. AC guesthouse

Day 06 Ust-Barguzin - Ulan-Ude (B, D)
After breakfast drive through native forests to Ulan-Ude (270 km), the capital of the Buryat Autonomous Republic. En route visit an old church, which belongs to a women's monastery. In the afternoon we reach Ulan Ude and you check in, room with bath / shower, toilet, safe, television, telephone, the middle-class hotel is located in the center. City tour Ulan Ude, dinner in a "stolovaja", AC hotel.

Day 07 Ivolginsky Datsan - the most important Buddhist monastery in Russia & Old Believers (B,L)

Ivolginsky Datsan, located in East Siberia near Lake Baikal, is the most important Buddhist monastery in Russia. It is also home to a phenomenon that continues to intrigue scientists and attract believers by the thousands — the preserved body of the Khambo Lama, who died in 1927 and is still sitting upright in the lotus position .

Today we visit a family of the "Old Believers", a religious group that had split off the Orthodox Church in the 17.th Century. The family invites you to enjoy a lunch of traditional cuisine.

Afterwards, you visit the largest Buddhist monastery and the only Lama school in Russia. In the afternoon around 16:00 pm return to Ulan-Ude and time for leisure,
AC hotel.

Day 08: Trans-Siberian train trip & railway station from white marble (B, L, D)
Discover a charming Siberian landscape today, sometimes the train tracks just 50 meters from the Baikal shore. Train ride in 2.nd class compartment, train no. 339 Ulan-Ude 10:05, Slyudyanka 14:55.

In the afternoon you visit the railway station Slyudyanka, it is the only station in the world that is built of pure white marble, a real jewel! Who is interested can also visit the small mineral museum.

Transfer by bus through the Tunginskij-valley along the river Irkut to Arshan. Your guest house is located right on the river Kyngyrgi, embedded in a picturesque beautiful nature. All rooms are equipped with bath / shower and toilet, TV.
AC hotel

Day 09 Arshan – Buryatia (B,D)
Walking through the quiet settlement and visit the Buddhist temple. The small complex is not only because of its idyllic location worth visiting: Once a day the local Lama meets tourists and answered questions about Buddhism.

In the afternoon walk to the legendary "Arshanski Sources," the cure since centuries. Here we try mineral water of different consistencies and tie a bow around a tree branch after Buryat tradition. Dinner with Buryat specialties and AC hotel

Day 10 Arshan – Slyudyanka – Circum-Baikal Polovinnaya km 110 (B,D)
Ride by bus to Slyudyanka and your journey with the original Baikal Railway train Matanya begins at 13:20 pm.

This train journey is an adventure, your train supplies the villages and settlements around Lake Baikal with foods. The Baikal Railway is the 89 km long railway line Slyudyanka - Port Baikal along the Lake Baikal.

The "golden buckle of Siberia" is a Russian miracle in terms of architecture and technology. After arriving in the small settlement Polovinnaja km 110 at 16:20 pm, approximately 500 meters walk to your holiday resort, the luggage will be transported separately.

Dinner and the opportunity to relax in the sauna on the river.
AC room or holiday house in Baikal Beach resort.

Day 11 Settlement Polovinnaya & the authentic Siberian life (B,L)

Today you will take a tour of the settlement and visit Olga's kiosk and get a view to the locals and an authentic insight into the Siberian daily life. 

Finally, we will cross the longest tunnel in the Baikal Railway, the Polovinnits tunnel with a length of over 700 meters and you reach a nice point with fantastic view across the lake to the opposite shore. Who dares can take a dip in the lake, campfire at the lake.

At 16:20 pm your trip continues with the Baikal railway to Port Baikal. Upon arrival in Port Baikal you can visit a small museum about the Baikal Railway, at 20:15 pm ride by ferry or motorboat to Listvyanka, located on opposite bank of the Angara. Short walk to your hotel resort Pribaikalskaja with pool, your rooms are equipped with bath, shower / WC, TV, dinner. AC hotel.

Day 12 Listvyanka on Lake Baikal (B, L)
1773 Listwjanka was first mentioned as a post office,
end of the 19th Century the settlement was quite wealthy and more than 700 inhabitants lived in the village.

Five kilometers to the picturesque Baikal shore the settlement runs, Listvyanka is located at the Pribaikalsky National Park border.
Today we take a guided tour with a visit to the Baikal Museum, the Nerpa is here to marvel at. Cable car ride to the Tscherskovo rocks and you get a fantastic view over the river Angara to Port Baikal, you visit the Nikolei church and see the harbor and market, here the famous omul fish is offered.

About 17:00 pm we travel by bus to Irkutsk, arrival 18:30 pm and our Buryatia trip is finished.

We would be glad to offer overnight stay in Irkutsk, Lake Baikal or individual tours on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
minimum number of participants:  no
maximum number of participants: 7


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from / to Irkutsk
bus ride: Irkutsk - Olkhon, Ust Barguzin - Ulan Ude - Iwolginsk, Slyudyanka - Arshan - Slyudyanka, Listvyanka - Irkutsk.
Ferry: Port Baikal - Listvyanka, private boat Olkhon - Ust Barguzin
train ride 2.nd class Ulan-Ude - Slyudyanka - Polovinnaja km 110 - Port Baikal.
1 night Irkutsk hotel
1 night Holiday resort Baikal Beach Polovinnaja km 110
1 night Listvyanka hotel Pribaikalskaja
2 nights Arshan guesthouse
2 nights Olkhon holiday hotel
2 nights Ust Barguzin guesthouse
2 nights Ulan Ude hotel
Meals: half board & 3x picnic
All programs, transfers and excursions as described including entrance fees
English-speaking guide from / to Irkutsk

price in Euro/person
3 bed room  1.690.-
doubleroom 1.990.-
singleroom  2.190.-

Services not included
Meals and beverages at meals, except mentioned, tips, expenses of personal needs, personal travel insurance, visa fees 

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